golgotha dark pilsner

ABV: 5.6%

IBU: 31

Aaron and Christine traveled to Germany in 2018 to reconnect with the brewery’s roots. One place, Kloster Kreuzberg Monastery, was the inspiration for the beer you are about to enjoy. They walked up to the Golgotha (three crosses) at the top of the hill and enjoyed the tranquil spring afternoon, walking back down they entered the monastery and drank the best dark pilsner they had ever tried, malty, smooth, light in mouth feel, and slightly hoppy. While enjoying it they found a placard, "Plenty were the pilgrims that came up here, some for the church, others for beer." - Cardinal Faulhaber. Regardless of your religious beliefs, or your walk in life, Wasserhund has brewed this beer to share that moment with you; we hope you enjoy it.