Wasserhund Brewing Company, meaning "water dog" in German, was born from a love of the beach, dogs, and German beer. We aspire to bring the German beer culture to Virginia Beach in the best way... by brewing the highest quality ales and lagers and providing the environment to enjoy them with family, friends, and just good company.

We also match our beer with artisan pizza made to order in our brick oven. Or you can order beer sausages and add some sauerkraut for a real German experience.

Call it whatever you want... we call it German style brewing with a Beach kick. Really, it's great beer and great times.



The owners, Aaron and Christine Holley, both graduated from Kellam High School (Class of '06) and Virginia Tech (Class of '10). They've spent the last five years in Northern Virginia where Aaron has been active duty in the US Navy and Christine has been an engineer in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Most importantly, they have been perfecting beer recipes in their 5 gallon homebrew setup.

After a trip to Germany, they decided their dream would be to open a brewery that would bring a piece of the German beer culture to Virginia Beach. From their passion for the brewing process, beer engineering, and love of good times with great people; Aaron and Christine have developed Wasserhund Brewing Company


Craig’s love of pizza started back in high school, where at the age of 15 he began working in a mom & pop pizzeria/deli, “Bob’s Country Market”. There he learned to appreciate the importance a great sauce recipe and fresh, locally grown ingredients have on a pizza. For three years he honed his skills tossing dough and baking delicious, customer favorite pizzas before enlisting in the Army. His military career took him around the States, through the halls of West Point (class of 2004), to the Islands of Hawaii, and onto the deserts of Iraq; where he continued his appreciation for quality pizza and fine local beers. He ended his travels in Pennsylvania and started working as a project manager for Worley Parsons. He spent his time managing project budgets and writing programs for Worley Parsons’ nuclear department.

When Aaron and Christine asked him to join Wasserhund Brewing Company as a third owner and establish a pizzeria, he immediately contacted his old bosses at Bob’s Country Market for their expert guidance. To his astonishment they bestowed upon him the sauce recipe and cheese blend that has been wooing his hometown for over 30 years. Craig is bringing the high quality, outstanding tasting pizza that he remembers to the City of Virginia Beach.