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Top Dog membership is free! Sign up online or ask your server for help. Log in anytime after you sign up to check your status.

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Choose from 100 challenges you can tackle in any order. Tell your server so they can record it.

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Every time you complete a level, you’ll move up in the pack. Tell your server and they’ll give you your treat.

Ready to work your way to Alpha?

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  • Active Duty? Please remind us you are going to deploy and we will freeze your account and send you a care package.

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Complete Challenges

Complete any of the one HUND’red challenges in any order and in any category to move up in the pack. Click through the categories below to view all challenges. Earn only one challenge per visit. Tell your server so they can record it.

* Indicates a vegetarian option available for this challenge
** Must show proof to server to mark challenge as completed.
*** To-go/off-premise consumption only.

Go to the top of the Pack

All good dogs get treats. Every time you complete a level, you’ll get a new status a new pack perk. When you reach a new level, be sure to tell your server it’s time for a treat.

1 Prost Pup
20 Challenges

Large Pizza or two 32oz Crowler Cans

2 Zeta Dog
40 Challenges

Wasserhund T-Shirt + Hat

3 Delta Dog
60 Challenges

Wasserhund Specialty Glass + Small Metal Beer Sign or Special Release Wasserhund Merch

4 Gamma Dog
80 Challenges

Wasserhund Glass Stein with Name Engraved + Earn 5% off Brewery Visits While Enrolled in Top Dog Program

6 Beta Dog
90 Challenges

Wasserhund Pizza Party for up to 10 Friends with 20 Beer Tickets + Earn 5% off Brewery Visits While Enrolled in Top Dog Program

7 Alpha Dog
100 Challenges
  • 10% off visits (while enrolled in the loyalty program, no other discounts applied at time of purchase)
  • Your name will be entered into a raffle at the end of each loyalty club year period. One customer will be selected to help brew, can and label their own beer. ($3,000-$5,000 value).
    • You will receive a metal sign of your beer label.
    • You will work directly with brewers to come up with a recipe.
    • You will work directly with our team to come up with a beer concept and label.
    • Special Saturday release party for your beer.
  • Redeem a 4-pack or 6-pack of a new beer release once per month
  • Redeem a free Large pizza once per month
  • Receive larger pour of beer for on-site consumption

Once you receive Alpha Dog, you keep that status for a year. To continue keeping Alpha Dog status, you must complete 20 challenges each year. If you are inactive in the program for 6 months, you are disenrolled from the program.