picture of Christine

Christine Holley

Christine Holley is a born and raised Army brat. After graduating from Kellam High School (Class ’06), she became a Hokie and graduated in 2010 from Virginia Tech with a Chemical Engineering degree. After marrying Aaron, they moved to Northern Virginia where Christine worked in semiconductor manufacturing at Micron Technology. She credits herself with the spark that ignited the Holley’s beer love. She bought Aaron’s first homebrewing book in 2010, which kickstarted a 5 year journey into the realm of beer creation. In 2012, Christine planned a trip to Germany where, in the tents of Munich’s Oktoberfest, the idea of Wasserhund Brewing Company was born.

Aaron Holley

Aaron Holley is a born and raised Navy brat. Sound familiar? After finding his true love at Kellam High School, he also became a Hokie and graduated in 2010 from Virginia Tech with a dual degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. In Northern Virginia, he worked at Navy Nuclear Reactors in Washington, DC. In his free time, he read about beer science, beer origins, and the development of the brewery culture. From his passion for numbers and engineering, he developed a business plan to pitch to Christine. Wasserhund Brewing Company was born from those pages.

From their passion for the brewing process, beer engineering, and love of good times with great people, Aaron and Christine opened Wasserhund Brewing Company’s doors in August of 2015 in their hometown of Virginia Beach.

picture of Aaron in the brewery